BearFoot FX Mint Green Mini Vibe

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Product Code: BearFoot FX Mint Green Mini Vibe
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A long time ago Bjorn fell in love with an undulating sound he heard on an old organ and vowed to get that sound for his guitar. The Mint Green Mini Vibe was born.

The BearFoot circuit and color are an exact match to the BJFe original.  Or for an additional $50 grab a limited edition hand painted Vibe from the "Under the Sea" collection! (in order notes specify which painted one you prefer)

It runs on standard 9V and will go from 8V-18V if you want to adjust the headroom and impact.

The Mint Green Mini Vibe in not a “Univibe clone” or a “Leslie simulator.” It’s a unique modulation closer to a 3D bias tremolo with some extra movement, but none of the seasick wobble of the standard “Univibe” sound. It becomes one with your sound rather than completely changing it into something else.

You can also use it as a juicy harmonic enhancer with the Amplitude down. In fact, I would like to rename it the Mint Green Modulating Vitalizer! ;-) I usually leave it on with the Amplitude down and then I just roll it up when I need the vibe sound. You can put a barrel knob on the Amplitude pot and do this easily with your foot.



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