BearFoot FX

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  • BearFoot FX Arctic White Fuzz
    Another favorite from the BJFe research program …The Arctic White Fuzz purrrs like a snow leopard at lower levels and attacks with full vintage growl when pushed...this is the most straight forward of the BearFoot fuzzes...The best parts of the silicon FF/TB vintage sound and feel with its own vo..
  • BearFoot FX Honey Bee Overdrive
    The Honey Bee  sounds and reacts like small vintage combos with nicely worn tubes and speakers. The Volume control controls the overall volume without changing the distortion. The Drive control varies the distortion complexity and saturation. The middle control adjusts the ‘natur..
  • BearFoot FX Mint Green Mini Vibe
    A long time ago Bjorn fell in love with an undulating sound he heard on an old organ and vowed to get that sound for his guitar. The Mint Green Mini Vibe was born. The BearFoot circuit and color are an exact match to the BJFe original.  Or for an additional $50 grab a limited e..
  • BearFoot FX Model G
    The Model G captures the unique voice and response of an often overlooked brand of amps from the 50s/60s ~ the Gibsons that were right there at the beginning with Fender, Valco ,Vox and Marshall. Somewhere near the tweeds and supros but with a stronger and clearer voice, and a particular upp..
  • BearFoot FX Pale Green Compressor
    The BearFoot Pale Green Compressor begins as a replica of the BJFe PGC – the compressor for people who hate compressors ! This compressor captures the natural feel of your amp and speakers compressing as they are pushed.The PGC really shines in a live situation with a band where the heavier hande..
  • BearFoot FX Uber Bee Overdrive
    A long time coming, the Über Bee is finally here…the result of much research and feedback over the years. The Über Bee expands the range of the Honey Bee, while still hitting the classic Bee tones. If you are happy with your current Bee, then you probably don’t need the Über. But if you ever ..