Anasounds Feed Me - BC108 Silicon Fuzz

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The Anasounds Feed Me - BC108 Silicon Fuzz is insane!  You may be wondering where the knobs are?! Have no fear!  They are safe and sound inside the enclosure!  This amazing pedal is set from the factory in a position that sounds excellent, but if you chose to experiment, you have 6 internal pots to adjust to your liking.  MMMMMMM FUZZZZZZZZ!!!!

  • Description

    Inspired from the best, this is a BC108 fuzz yet, its really massive sound differentiates it from you could have tried.
    All the settings are set at the maximum capacity from the factory!  You can alter your guitars volume knob to find different tones without opening the pedal.
    If you want to customize it, you just need to open it up and fine tune it with your pick!
    You have 3 saturation stages for a crazy pedal in search of square signals!

  • Internal settings

    -FEED, set the attack of your guitar on the preamp of the effect. A lot of Feed means an infinite sustain.
    -TREBLE, you get the natural sound of the effect when it is at 0. More you turn it, more you cut the treble.
    -BIAS, set if you want the creamy and massive Feed Me or an insane and explosive germanium fuzz sound.
    -OUT,  +15dB at the output.
    -LIGHT, to set the intensity of the backlight of the “As” pin.

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Weight 450 g
Dimensions 12 x 6.5 x 5.5 cm

Quality BC108 silicon transistors matched and tested one by one. Only a pair selected from dozens.


Gold plated true bypass switch


Integrated power supply noise filter. External 9V power supply not included.

Wood Faceplate

Bamboo plate laser engraved


Plexiglass-mirror pampile laser engraved. The logo illuminates when the effect is activated

*Note video shows older model with side mounted knobs.  

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