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The Anasounds Cerberus Custom Overdrive is the true Swiss Army Knife of any guitarist.  Infinite overdrive possibilities!  Hand made in France with only the best parts available!  

  • Description:

As you know, most guitarists change their overdrive as often as they change their clothes...so why not put everything in one small pedal?

Cerberus is a very transparent overdrive, you keep all the quality of your sound while finding the desired saturated harmonics.
3 steps for 3 clipping, jazz, blues or rock style.
Inside the enclosure you will find a potentiometer that will allow you to completely transform your overdrive from a very transparent sound to a warm distortion!

  • External settings :

Gain: passes from clean to saturation.
Tone: initially focused on a medium-high range.
Volume: up to + 12dB.
1st clip knob position: Soft clipping LED.
2nd clip knob position: Hard clipping with 4 or 5 small threshold voltage silicon diodes.
3rd clip knob position: Hard clipping with 2 high threshold voltage silicon diodes.

  • Internal settings :

Roll Off is the famous setting that changes all the sound of your drive. This is a frequency from which the circuit saturates. Below this frequency, the overdrive only adds loudness. Above it adds dBs and saturates! So, when the frequency is low you find more harmonics at the output!
Tone switch, is a simple switch to adjust the frequency range of your Tone potentiometer.
Asymmetric, choose whether you want a fifth diode or not on the second position of the clipping selector. So, you will get an asymmetrical clipping.

  • Similar sounds :

Marshall – Plexi
Ibanez – Tube Screamer
Marshall – The Guv’Nor
Fulltone – OCD


Weight 500 g
Dimensions 12 x 6 x 4 cm
Wood Faceplate

Mahogany plate laser engraved


Plexiglass-mirror pampile laser engraved. The logo illuminates when the effect is activated, Wood engrad logo


Integrated power supply noise filter. External 9V power supply not included.


Gold plated true bypass switch

Chip used in Circuit



Low noise bipolar

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