Gurus Power Interface 3000 - Black Jolly Module

Brand: Gurus
Product Code: Gurus Power Interface 3000 - Black Jolly Module
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New POWER INTERFACE 3000 is the new Gurus Powering supply system, made for maximum versatility, minimum size, weight and costs as well.
The system is made by modular, linkable units, with an external AC/DC adaptor.
The Black “Jolly module” supply 3x9V - 500mA each + 3x12V - 500mA each. With same protections and a courtesy USB out (500 to 1A max.) to keep in charge your devices.
The Three modules are linkable in series, with standard power patch cables, depending on how current the AC/DC adaptor can supply.
The Power interface3000 System is flexible as well, you can buy only a module, two, three, the Kit made of AC/DC Adaptor + 1 Module, or use a standard 15VDC power adaptor you can easily find in every electronic shops with these specs:
- Right AC Input for your country
- 15VDC out, POSITIVE TIP (Standard generic electronic format) DC plug 5,5mm x 2,1mm.
To ensure the 500mA each outs, it would supply at least 40W, but if lower, then lower will be the current available for each outs.
Use a powerful AC/DC adaptor for powering more modules.

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