Chicken Picks Variety Pack Tritone III Series

Brand: Chicken Picks
Product Code: Chicken Picks Variety Pack Tritone III Series
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Like every guitar player, you have your own taste and your own style.

If you aren’t familiar with the new ChickenPicks® guitar picks yet, you will like our trial set of the 4 different ChickenPicks® guitar picks of the Tritone III Series. These picks all have 3 useable tips.

The Badazz III has an extra pointy tip.

The Bermuda III is a 27mm triangle pick with 2 pointy tips and 1 regular tip.

Both Tritone III Series ChickenPicks® guitar picks are available in 2 thicknesses and this package includes one of each of the following picks:

Badazz III 2.0mm
Badazz III 2.5mm
Bermuda III 2.1mm
Bermuda III 2.7mm

This try out set is at a discount price, so you can try them all to see what works best for you.

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